Problem: just one page of PDF is showed


I just downloaded Scrivener and I’m really starting to like this program.

But I noticed that my PDFs are not displayed properly.
When I go to the Binder, click on Research and on my imported PDF-File; just the first page of the document is displayed.
It is possible to show other pages of the document by using the arrow keys and pressing on the reload button in the lower right corner of the paper.
Is it possible to display the whole document in Scrivener or may the file be too large to show?

Thank you for your help
sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.



Which version of OS X are you running? And are you on Scrivener 2.6? It has just come to my attention that there’s a bug in Apple’s PDFKit whereby if an application is built on OS X 10.10, PDFs don’t display properly in OS X 10.6 (I’m not sure yet about 10.7). Are you on an earlier system? I’m going to put together a build for users of earlier systems that should work around this.


Hi Keith,
Yes my Mac is pretty old. I’m running Mac OS X 10.6.8 on Scrivener 2.6.

If you depend on the PDF feature, you’ll want to stick with version 2.5 for now, until that aforementioned fix build is available. Otherwise, there are no other known issues with 2.6 on 10.6, so if you don’t need PDFs, it should be okay to use.

@ Amber –

I also have this problem – running OS X 10.6.8 + Scriv 2.6. I’m going to re-install v 2.5, as I must be able to access the full content of pdf files imported to the Research folder.

Do you have a projection on when the fix you described will be ready? Also, how will we know that this particular issue has been solved?

Thanks to the Scrivener team for a fantastic product, and your rapid responses to comments, questions, and issues.


And a follow-up . . .

If anyone needs to downgrade from Scrivener v2.6 to v2.5 to re-gain full pdf viewing, and you are on OS X 10.6.8, you’ll need to drag Scrivener from ‘Applications’ to the trashcan before you drag v2.5 (what you’ll get when you unzip the v2.5 download file from L and L) into ‘Applications’. Took me a couple of tries, but a) I started out by submitting Hollerith punch card stacks to the computer wizards – there was great incentive to be certain that your code was perfect before you submitted; and b) I learn from mistakes, hence this note.


Hmm, that shouldn’t ordinarily be necessary, but sometimes the system can get a bit locked up or confused when dealing with application replacements, and trashing the old version first will resolve nearly all of those scenarios, so it’s a good trick to have up your sleeve if simply copying the software normally does not work.

I’m not sure on either of those points, it depends on the nature of the fix. It wasn’t quite as easy as simply building on 10.9, unfortunately.

Hi, I just purchased Scrivener and am using it for the first time and loving it. However, I’m also using 10.6.8 as Snow Leopard supports a lot of old software I have and is considered one of the great OSX iterations. Just adding my voice here to say that I’m highly dependent on PDF material and hope this fix will still be worked on. Many thanks…Larry

Larry, have you tried installing the older version, linked earlier in this thread? It should work fine with PDFs. 2.6 was a relatively minor update, and mostly for those using the very latest Mac OS.

Hi Amber, so nice of you to respond so rapidly. The short answer is, yes. Having read all the posts from this thread it appeared to be the best fix in the short-term and I’m pleased to tell you it works for me. You’ve also put my mind to ease, a bit, in suggesting that we’re not missing out on a signficant update with respect to 2.6. To that point, and not to create further problems for myself, is there a page somewhere where I can read about “What’s New” with respect to the versions? Many thanks! Larry

I am trying out scrivener and liking it a lot and then ran into this problem. I looked to see if it looked like scrivener 2.5 was available for purchase but it appears that it is just available to already existing customers. Is this true? If so, I’m very sad because I’m not planning to upgrade my computer soon but use ALOT of pdfs.

Scrivener 2.5 uses the same license scheme as Scrivener 2.6. You can download 2.5 from here: (Scroll down)

and then it will behave just as any brand new installation would. That is, it will run as the trial version until you register it with a serial number.

That page also has the Release Notes detailing the differences between 2.5 and 2.6.