Problem linking EndNote


I am having difficulty linking EndNote into Scrivener. I am able to locate the “EndNote” folder and exe file in my programs, but once I select it and hit “apply” nothing useful seems to happen. A strange filename “Icon86BF2D61” appears under the Bibliography/Citations Manager heading, and nothing happens when I then try to insert references into my document.

I’ve attached a few screenshots showing what I’m doing. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction!!


I’m not a Windows guy, but that looks like the icon for an alias that points to the .exe which is stored elsewhere … perhaps, as suggested on a network server. If i’m right, that would explain why it’s not working in Scrivener.


Mr X

This is also what’s happening to me - see my screenshots in

I don’t have a network server or any other location where Endnote would be stored - it was installed onto this laptop from CD - so I don’t think that’s the answer in my case.

Edited to add - solved! See notes on other thread.

You can see from the Bibliography/Citations Manager name (Icon…) that you have linked to an icon/shortcut that points to Endnote, not to the full Endnote program itself.

You need, I think, to select the actual program rather than a shortcut.

EDIT: See this thread/post…


Thank you so much! All fixed now.


Happy writing.