Problem making lists in MMD

Hello everyone.

Just wondered if I could ask a quick question about using lists in MMD. I’ve been trying to make lists this way:

[code]List header:

  • Item 1.
  • Item 2.[/code]
    But when I export to LaTeX, a list isn’t created. What am I doing wrong?

Also, is it possible to create tiered lists with MMD syntax?

Please excuse the novice nature of these questions!



Remember, MMD is based on Markdown, so the basic syntax is the same as Markdown’s. In this case, you need a blank line between a paragraph and a list, otherwise, it is all treated as a single run-on paragraph. Yes, you can do tiered lists in MMD, just as in Markdown.

As mentioned in my documentation, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the Markdown syntax before pushing farther into the MultiMarkdown additions. All of this is included in the Documentation folder in the MultiMarkdown download, and on my web site.


Got it! Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply as always, fletcher.

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