Problem migrating

For some reason, I am unable to migrate my Scrivener 1.x for Mac project to windows.

I downloaded Scrivener 2.x for Mac, and had it convert my project to the new format. Then I copied the .scriv file/folder over to my Windows HD, which has Scrivener beta installed. The .scriv folder opens alright, and I can see the .scrivx file just fine, but when I click on it, Scrivener for Windows simply opens a new, blank project.

Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: So I have a file which I can open with Scrivener 2.x for Mac, but not with Scrivener for Windows. I guess that means it’s an incompatibility bug?

If you are comfortable with it, I could take a look at the file for you and see if there is anything that sticks out to me in why it wouldn’t work. Zip it up, and send me a copy at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

Sure, will do. Please just make sure to treat my file confidentially, and delete it thoroughly after you’re done.

Sure thing, that’s how we treat all files sent for debugging.

Did you figure this one out? I’ve had the same problem since the first beta release. My mac files, when opened in Window’s version, do not open and Scrivener goes to the new, blank project entry page.

I haven’t tried opening my windows files on the mac yet.

I’ve also just tried converting from Mac to Windows and all it is opening is blank project, no matte what I do. Let me try something else …

… ok, what I found out is don’t overlay an existing project in Windows Scrivener with a Mac one. Two .scrivx files in the same directory apparently confuse the program. When I just did a fresh copy, it worked great!

Hope that helps!