problem of last saved position

hello, I’m DJ.HAN. please forgive my poor english.

formerly, I reported last saved position problem in 1.5b6. Do you remember?
But it wasn’t not cleared in 1.5 final version. It can’t move last working position correctly when you working in split window mode(2-pane view mode).

you can reproduce this symptom ;

  1. working in split window. making extremely large document.
  2. save and quitting
  3. relaunch scrivener
  4. scrivener can’t move to last working position. It move to wrong position of working documents(hundreds line under of working position). But cursor(insertion point) was place in last working position.

It’s very annoying. Please fix this problem in next version. Please… ^^;

Also, I published my first novel few months ago. The title is [kyongsong tamjeongrok]. It means [detective story of old seoul]. Of course, It was written in scrivener all of all! :smiley:
(this novel’s background is 1930’s seoul)

you can see introduction of my book in this place: … 8925824094

(Aladdin is biggest ebook store in korea. you can read introduction using google translation. But I think translation result will be very wrong…)

I think scrivener is vest friend of writer. please making better program (including timeline, etc, etc) :smiley:
Thanks, good luck!