Problem Opening File

I had a project that wouldn’t open because it said it wasn’t created/saved in the latest version of Scrivener. I opened and saved it several times in v. Windows. I examined the project folder and found compile.ini file that had an old date (not the latest save date). I deleted it and resynced and the file opened fine.

Just had another updated project that wouldn’t open…same reason. I added a new document to it and deleted it. Then, opened fine. There is a definite problem in the project conversion process in the new Windows version

I was able to get all of the problem files I had to open using the same method, so it is a workaround.

It’s not really a “workaround”. The file format has changed slightly, so you need to open and save in the new format. I’m not sure that you even have to do any changes in the files. I think one of the “problems” in this is that we are accustomed to Scrivener automatically saving our files when we close. So people open the projects and then close them, thinking that they will be updated, which they wont because you did not change anything. So an alternative approach should be to open the projects, actively Saving them, using the File menu command, and then closing.

Whichever it is, this should be a onetime problem. Once the projects are in the correct format none of these problems should arise again.


Just saving the file won’t do it. You have to make a change to the file and then save it for it to work.

I just want to confirm — for the sake of future users — that this is correct. I ran into the same issue initially when converting existing projects to the newest Scrivener for Mac format, in order to be able to open them in the iOS app. When opening a project in the new Mac version, it prompts to convert to the new format, and you can click yes … but this isn’t enough to actually convert it for use. (When I did so, the file wouldn’t open in the iOS app on iPhone). You must open the newly converted project file on the Mac, then make some change to at least one of its documents (I simply added in an extra space after a tailing line of a paragraph) then save again. Following a Dropbox sync, the file will then open on the iOS version.

Cheers, T.