Problem opening older files

When I try to open files originally written using the previous version of Scrivener (and I’ve tried on many files), a message tells me that it is necessary to update the file to a new version of Scrivener. The file was either closed improperly (it wasn’t) or is open on another computer (it isn’t) and it will have to be re-synchronized, which may take several minutes. I say OK. Nothing happens except that a backup of the original file immediately appears where I’d expect it to. I cannot open the file. The files I am trying to open were backed up by Carbon Copy Cloner (OS X 10.4.11). I can open Word and other files but not Scivener files. Why not?

You will get this message when opening on Scrivener 1.5, but it should be harmless and it should open okay. However, 1.5 shouldn’t ask you to update your project - it should only say that the project wasn’t closed properly (even if it was, you will get this message the first time a project is opened in 1.5 because it now stores a new piece of information about files being closed properly that wasn’t in earlier versions). If it is asking you to update and giving this message, and if your project was fine on 1.11 and now isn’t opening at all, then could you please zip up a sample project (one that opens on 1.11 - you can download 1.11 here to test to see if opens okay there) and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.


Thanks for the quick reply. Do I have to trash 1.5 in order to download and install 1.1?

You don’t have to, as long as you are aware of which one is which. Be sure not to trash any backed up files, too, as you may have to go through them to see which one opens properly in case anything has been corrupted (one backup should definitely work). As I say, once you have confirmed that something that works on 1.11 doesn’t work on 1.5, I’d be grateful if you could zip up the project and send it me for testing - if there is a bug I would like to fix it.
All the best,

Thanks again for the quick reply. I’ll try downloading 1.1 now but it may take me a while to work through the files and get back to you. I will get back to you, however.