Problem or possible bug with section types.

Hi my name is David and this is my first post. I just switched to Scrivener for my new novel because I discovered how to create an outline that mimics the spreadsheet I used to use. And I love it so far.

The issue I am having is when I created Custom section types in my manuscript. I created 2 levels one for Volumes and one for Sections. In the following image you can see that The folder on the left titled “The Relic” Is selected. It is grey instead of yellow since it is the current selection, so it should default to the "Level 1 Folder"custom Section type of “Volume” but it doesn’t. It is defaulting to the level 2 Folder type of “Section” in the inspector.

In this second screen shot you can see a different selection that does indeed show that “The Relic” folder is indeed a Level 1 folder as it turns yellow.

In the third screenshot You can see the Level 2 “Section” folders are correctly highlighted and showing in the inspector.

The sections are only for my use in the outline view for this table I have created to get an overview. But when I go to compile I will need to have the volume different. This appears to be a bug to me as the first level default type is not showing up. But maybe I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


Okay update: Sometimes a simple solution works.

I created a new folder and it worked correctly so then I moved all the sections into the new folder and everything is working as I thought it should.

I then deleted the old folder. (It must have corrupted data internally.)

All is good now :smiley: :smiley:

Notice that, in your first screenshot, the inspector is NOT reporting to you about the folder The Relic. It is showing you facts about the folder 1. Stasis.

So, the problem here is only that you have made an assumption that the inspector will always show you facts about the last selected item in the Binder. This is not true. (Though it holds true when the Binder is the “active pane”.)

You have Outline mode going in the editor pane and this shows you many documents. The editor pane is presumably the " active pane" in the screenshot, so the inspector is showing you info on whatever doc is selected in the Outline there. This is generally exactly what you would want the inspector to do when you are working in the outline.

In short, I think everything is working just as intended and The Relic is being assigned Volume just like you designed for it to do.


Thanks GR,

I was actually able to solve it by creating a new folder and moving all the sections into the new folder. Now it works as expected :smiley:

With respect, I don’t think that actually makes any sense as a fix. So, I think you are proceeding with a misdiagnosis of the issue you ran into. I genuinely recommend you examine your first screenshot in light of my post (the top of the inspector there clearly indicates that it is showing you the Stasis doc, not the Relics doc) – or just click on various documents in your outline and watch what happens in the inspector – this will clear up a confusion you may still be laboring under.

BTW, welcome to Scrivener! It is an awesome tool.


Just to supplement what gr has said––this Scrivener behavior may be what has caused you the initial highlight confusion; excerpt from Sec. 6.3.3 of the manual:

Ok I see now. The reason I was able to see the the metadata for the newly created folder was because I had not selected and folder or file inside of it. And now I have it is showing me the metadata of the file that is selected inside that folder. Even if I click on a folder in the binder it still shows the last file I was working on.

At first I thought this is a problem because there is no way to unselect so nothing is selected then I had a revelation. I have been working with scrivener for 2 days total. I just spent the last 8 hours just in the outline mode setting it up exactly as I wanted it to look for my outlines.

Then I read half the manual and watched all twenty something videos on the youtube channel. I realized the whole time I was only in Outline mode. When I clicked into Group or Scrivenings mode voila the focus does change when you select the folders or the documents in the Binder the way I had expected to Outline mode to.


Yes, it was clear from your very first post that you were cranking up to speed with Scrivener in record time. With that kind of facility, I think Scrivener is going to be a wonderful app for you.

All Best,