Problem preserving paragraph spacing/indents in any version of compile

I am trying to compile a novel for proofing and regardless of which compile setting I choose, default, manuscript courier or manuscript times (I am font agnostic at this stage), I cannot get it to retain my original paragraph and line formatting. This is the same regardless of what file format I export to–PDF, DOCx, Open Office.
I have a ton of dialog in my book and it exports/compiles into huge blocks of run together text. It otherwise does what it is supposed to do–it changes the font depending on the format I choose, etc. It’s only the spacing that I am having trouble with. I am sure this is my user error but I have watched all the videos and read all the help documents and I can’t figure this out. Please advise. Thanks!

Please open a support ticket, here:

It will probably be easier to solve this if we can actually take a look at the project.

We can try a zoom session, if you like. I’m not Literature & Latte, but we might fix it faster that way.

zoom me

Thanks for the offer! I did send it to the help team and they confirmed it was just a weird bug/problem I was having. I am just glad to know I am not crazy. I solved it by copying my chapters into a new novel template. Not the most elegant solution but it did work. I think my file was just very old and had been through too many permutations. Thanks again!

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