Problem registering v. 2.0?

I downloaded the upgrade, put in my credit card info, got a serial number, ejected the dmg disk image, but when I try to open Scrivener from the Applications folder, I cannot get past the prompt that says “PAID UPDATE NOTIFICATION–New Version Available.” So there’s no place for me to enter my serial number, and thus I have not been able to run version 2.0.

Must be something simple I am missing–any suggestions? Thanks.


Did you download the new version from the website? The update button from within 1.54 will just download 1.54 again, as explained in the upgrade notice–since it’s a paid update, this was the best solution for keeping users who clicked without reading from getting thrown into trial mode and getting upset. So all you need to do is close Scrivener, drag the 1.54 “Scrivener” app from your Applications folder to the Trash, then download the .dmg from the L&L page and drag the new app from there to your Applications folder. (All your projects should be saved elsewhere on your computer, so they won’t be touched in this process.) Once you start up the new version, you’ll be able to enter your serial name and number. Enjoy!


Many thanks for upgrading! If you read the rest of the text under the part that says “Paid update notification”, you will see that it explains that if you click on “Update” all that will happen is that it will re-download 1.54 - to grab 2.0 go to our product page at and click on “Download”, then install 2.0 over your current version and enter your updated licence details.

I know this is a little odd - that clicking on “Update” just keeps you at 1.x - but after we initially had it download 2.0, despite the bright red “Paid Update Notification” we got a few angry users accusing us of shady behaviour, trying to force them to pay us for an update (even though 1.54 is still available on the site and we did try to draw attention to it being a paid update…). So, apologies for the inconvenience, but there was no ideal way of doing it. I’m hoping that by the time 3.0 comes along in a couple of years or so, we’ll have a better way of dealing with this.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and I hope you like 2.0!

Thanks again and all the best,

EDIT: As always, MM seems to have beaten me to it.

Many thanks, did all that and everything worked.


Thanks Keith, did all that and everything worked fine.


Great, glad you’re up and running - thanks again for updating!