Problem restoring backup files from Dropbox

I have recently set up a Dropbox account for saving manual backups of my work. I tried to restore one of the backup files for the first time, today.

When I double click on the Scrivener Project (last on the list), I get an error message: cannot access. I have attached a screenshot of the error message.

I have tried copying the file from Dropbox onto my desktop and opening it from there but get the same message. Am I doing something wrong with the zip file?? :confused:

I hope you can help.

The presence of the pink “Compressed Folder Tools” rectangle near the top of the screen shot indicates that you are browsing the contents of a still compressed .zip file. While it is convenient to be able to do such browsing inside a .zip file, it can also be misleading, in that changing contents within the .zip file is not supported (and would likely also result in very poor performance even if it were supported).

You must first extract (decompress) the .zip file, so that it is again an actual .scriv folder containing subfolders and files, rather than the single physical .zip file. Right click on the zip file and do an “Extract all”, to decompress it to some location. Or use a utility like 7zip or such to do so.

The value of saving backups in compressed .zip format is that the complex folder/subfolder/files structure of a Scrivener project gets reduced in size and combined into a single simple file (as far as the Windows operating system is concerned). This saves on space, makes copying more foolproof (one physical file rather than a whole collection of files), and drastically reduces the risks of backup utilities and cloud sync services only managing to capture unsychronized portions of projects.

The inconvenience is that one has to first decompress such .zip backups, before one can work on them again.

Ah-ha - that works perfectly. I am very relieved all is working as it should.

Thank you so much for the explanation - I rarely come across zip files. 8)