Problem running Scrivener for Windows on Wine (Ubuntu)

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the Scrivener for Linux forum or not, but since it’s a problem with running the Windows version I thought I’d post on here first.

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I decided to install Scrivener on my laptop (which uses Ubuntu 12.04) so I can use it at local write-ins. Since I already bought the Windows version for my desktop, I installed it on the laptop using Wine.

However, since entering my registration details, the program gives me the following message when the New Project window appears:

When I close the dialog box, the New Project window (and Scrivener itself) also closes, meaning that I cannot access the program.

Does anyone know what can be done to resolve this issue?

I’m running Mint 15 with the latest version of scrivener under wine and have been doing it since about 1.2 of scrivener or so and have had no issues at all. It ran just fine with mint 14 too which is based off of Ubuntu 12.10. Ironically, scrivener actually runs better on Linux for me than on windows.

What version of wine are you running? Do you have Playonlinux installed? It’ll let you install multiple versions of wine on one system. If all else fails you could always try running and/or installing it with a different version of wine.

Sorry, sure I’d set up e-mail notification for this but nothing came through.

Not sure which version of Wine it is, or how to check. Should be the most up-to-date version though. I do have Playonlinux installed, yeah.

From the message I’m getting it seems to be an error with the registration process, but even then - according to the message - it should still be letting me access the program. :confused:

This video should explain how to manage multiple versions of WINE with playonlinux. From there you should be able to run or install using a different version of WINE.

I’m using 1.6 (with a few things patched to play GW2). I’ve never had a problem with registering either Scrivener or Scapple.

When you register, click “ok,” it’ll start the registration process, and it should go through eventually.

Scrivener depends on the 2010 C++ runtimes (it’s vcrun2010 in winetricks). Did you install those via winetricks? You want to be running Scrivener in a clean wineprefix because of the native overrides you need. Scrivener also needs quartz installed via winetricks. It’ll run without it, but it’ll crash when you try to create a new project.

OK…I just used the newest version, it prompted me to re-activate, and it went through without a hitch. Granted, I didn’t have an issue before the update. Maybe give 1.6.2 a try and see? (of Scrivener.)

Thanks guys! I cleared my wineprefix and re-added Quartz and vcrun2010 on Winetricks. Scrivener asked me to register again, but it didn’t crash at the New Project window this time. :smiley:

Woot! :slight_smile: Glad it works!