Problem saving error/crash on 2.0

A just received an error message that says:

There was a problem saving the project ‘my-filenamehere.scriv’.
Not all recent edits could be saved. Files that could be recovered have been saved to /Users/me/Documents/my-filenamehere.scriv Recovered. The project will now close.

I did check that my backup files are not being saved to the same location as the original project, so I assume that is not the problem. The original file is being saved on a WebDAV drive, but that has never caused problems before.

a) How do I repair the project? The original project file seems to open okay, but I now have 20 .rtf documents in the recovered folder and I’m not sure whether they are more current than the original files.
b) Shouldn’t this sort of problem offer me the opportunity to save to a new location?


One other note, I was not saving or quitting the program when this occurred. I assume the program was was doing an auto-save at the time.

Ioa’s top post at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5295 is probably relevant here.


This error means that when Scrivener went to save files to disk, the file system refused it. This could be because there was a temporary disconnection that meant Scrivener couldn’t access the save location, but unfortunately the file system doesn’t tell Scrivener much more than “Yes, saved okay,” or “No, couldn’t save.” The reason Scrivener then saves what files it can in an external directory is that Scrivener uses a package file format - a .scriv file is just a folder of files, essentially. Scrivener only reads into memory the files it needs for that session. If the file system refuses Scrivener access, then it means that Scrivener only has in memory files opened or edited, so it may not be possible for it to copy your entire project to a new location. It thus saves whatever it has in memory to a “Recovered Files” folder, and has to leave it to you to find out where the original package went. In this case, the fact that you were using a WebDAV drive may well be a factor, although it’s difficult to know the exact cause.

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I understand the WebDAV issue.

The bigger question is why does the program simply close - jeopardizing all of the work I’ve done - rather than offer options like “Try saving again?”

Even local drives (esp. external drives) can falter occasionally. To have the program “give up” without offering any other options seems remiss.

I will post this to the feature request board.