"Problem saving the project"

Three times today Scrivener sends me this message:

“There was a problem saving the project 'Name of project.scriv.”
“Not all recent edits could be saved. Files that could be recovered have been saved to /Users/name/Documents/Name of project.scriv Recovered-1. The project will now close.”

Since it happened three times. I am not sure what I need to do now.

How it happened: In the text file in Scrivener, I had copied and pasted information from a webpage. However, I did not ‘clean it up’ by which I mean that very likely some odd formatting, like tables etc., are copied as well. Sometimes tables are not with visible borders, and I accidentally copy them in the Scrivener document even though I do not want them. I usually ‘clean up’ such mess by pasting the copied passage in TextEdit on my mac to convert it to a plain text file. However, I am not consistent with it.

As I continued working on the document, I had to switch from Scrivener to the website to a DevonThink ProOffice document, which is a pdf file, but I do not have it open in Adobe. I need to compare the documents in the website and the pdf file and when I find a similarly, I make a note in the Scrivener document. This is when the problem with saving occurs and Scrivener closes on me.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this issue? I do not know what I should do to continue working in my Scrivener file without having it fail to save and close again.

I thought that I had cleaned up the file but I do not think I have been thorough with it. For future use, I would find it helpful if there is an option to let me know that I have copied a table may be by showing the table margins.

Debris in the file shouldn’t cause Scrivener to be unable to save it at all. That message is more likely to be indicative of some kind of disk error: the disk is full, you’re saving to a removable disk that was disconnected, or something like that.

Was there a crash report?

Which version of Scrivener do you have?

In Scrivener 3, View -> Text Editing -> Show Invisibles will reveal tables and other invisible formatting. In Scrivener 2, the same command is at Format -> Options -> Show Invisibles.


I think you are right about disk space, but let me confirm: is available storage the same as disk space?

After the failed attempts with starting Scrivener, I restarted my computer, and I saw that Google drive sent me a massage of a full disk. I cleaned up my downloads folder which was packed and emptied the trash. Now I have 153 GB available on my hard drive. Would that be enough available storage or I need to look elsewhere?

I did not see a crash report. That option did not show up.

I have Scrivener 3.0.3.

Thanks for the View Invisibles tip!

Yes, available storage is the same as disk space.

153 GB should be plenty.

The Google Drive message is unrelated, right? That is, you’re not saving your project in Google Drive? (We don’t recommend doing so, because GDrive is known to have issues with the Scrivener project format.)


That’s right–the google storage is unrelated. Their message alerted me to delete all the files I have on my computer.

Thank you for your fast response!