Problem upgrading from Scrivener 1 to 3

Hi, I bought scrivener 1 few years ago. I got a new computer with windows 11. I installed scrivener but when I’m trying to upgrade is tellling my that I can not do it. I got this message: Generating an upgrade coupon code failed Please make sure you that you have an active Internet connection. You can also try to disable temporarily any firewall, proxy and antivirus software, which might prevent us from contacting the coupon generation server.
I use windows defender. I disable the firewall and I dont have another antivirus. Any idea what else I can try?
Thank you

I’d like to know how you resolve this problem. I have a versioning problem as well on my Mac Hundreds of hours compiling and organizing my “Tome of Writing” it’s only 400 meg. but so dearly important to me. I have begun a new Manuscript that is publishing ready but for only a small number of focused and capitalized readers. OK, Kids, the comic book will go into production when demand will pay for it. I’m very interested in how I thought about transportation solutions. Recently I found an entire directory on Drop Box that hadn’t been touched in 12 years.

My biggest need right now is copyrighting because my [Playbook] Solution predates the Monkey Pirate Founders of Uber. Travis is so proud that he got sued by the entire entertainment industry for $250,000,000,000 for Peer-to-Peer Piracy.