Problem upgrading to v3

I’m having a bit of difficulty upgrading to v3.

I opened v3 and saw that it wanted me to enter my old serial number etc. So then I opened v2 and–here’s the first bit of weirdness–it acted like it was still a trial. There was some sort of dialog box asking me to try to automatically check for the activation code (my memory of the details here are blurry), which it did and found my info and v2 works fine, as it did before.

But when I try to copy/paste the serial and name from my v2 activation e-mail I get this error from v3:

“Invalid serial number of name. Please check that the serial number and name you have entered match the ones in your order confirmation e-mail.”

One footnote–I purchased v2 from an old MacHeist deal and waited years to activate it (which I finally did a month or two ago).

Do I need to upgrade via the paid route (which I’m fine with) or is this a bug in the process?


You’re going to have to pay for the discounted upgrade, if it’s been that long since you bought Scrivener last. Not sure why the v3 would be prompting you for your v2 serial, except to be sure that you didn’t just buy v2 within the grace period for a free v2->v3 upgrade maybe. I just immediately bought my upgrade before trying to even load the released version.

V3 will ask for a serial number, but it wants the new one. It won’t accept and doesn’t need a V2 serial number.


Great, thanks,


I had the same issue after installing version 3, where after entering my Serial Number Name and Serial Number exactly as it appeared in the confirmation email, I got the error message, “Invalid serial number or name. Please check that the serial number and name you have entered match the ones in your order confirmation e-mail.”

Also, to begin with, it truncated the serial number but after entering it manually, it retained it but still gave me the error message. An email to support suggested rebooting the Mac, which I did and all is now well with the registration process.

My problem is more basic. I got all the way to the payment page and it said my card was declined. I called my bank to find out what the problem was and they said there was no problem and the charge went through. So I paid for an upgrade, but don’t have any details or record of it.

I contacted… support, I guess, but haven’t heard anything. I’ll probably just do a charge back and forget about it.

I’m lurking to find out more before jumping in to upgrade. I should be writing…:wink:

As a suggestion, wait for support. These guys are amazing, likely slammed right now and a chargeback doesn’t do them any good. They’ll make it right, 100% no issue.

Write well; I’m trying to…


If it were related to any other than money, I would do that. I would have taken this up with Esellerate, but I didn’t see any way of contacting them. But, since I started this five hours ago, and I would be surprised if anyone were still checking emails (I’m about six hours behind the UK) I’m thinking getting it cancelled would be the best thing to do. Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow morning but it won’t be after that since we’ve got a four day holiday weekend coming up.

I’m in eastern US, you as well? You got no email confirmation and yet your bank says payment went through? This link should help:

Certainly try before chargeback; esellerate have been great in the past for me.

OK, so I bought my MAC Scrivener license on October 9, 2017 - a month and a half ago.
Some 45 US dollars.

Do I have to pay again, for this version 3 of Scrivener?

No. See here: … remail.htm

Well, I followed the link and I get to a page where I am supposed to enter the email address with which I made the purchase. I do that, and I get the following message:

Your email address is not valid for this upgrade. Please check the spelling or try another email address. The email address must be the same as the one you used to purchase an earlier version of Scrivener for macOS.
To upgrade your copy of Scrivener, please enter your email address below. (The email address you enter must be the same as the one you used to buy an earlier version of Scrivener from our store.)

And attached is a screenshot of my purchase, just to prove that the email address is NOT wrong.

Any help?

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Yay! It somehow did work, after Astrid sent me a link. I entered my email address in that link, filled in the data (Billing and such) – and bam! I have the Scrivener 3 MAC full version!

Another happy camper, another happy Scrivener out there, in faraway Beijing (expat here) !!!