Problem uploading to MobileMe.

Hi All,

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having a problem uploading to MM?
I use MM for backups (as well as my external HDD).
However, now I don’t seem to be able to upload anything without getting the following error message “there was an error uploading this file”.
Its not happening with any other file format and the file sizes are very small.



Hi Michael,

First off, I hope you’ve read this thread: If you haven’t done so … you don’t say if you’re uploading a .scriv project as such, or a zip backup. Although there are those who use DropBox for their active projects, it does come with a higher corruption risk in the transfer process; I imagine MobileMe would be even more risky for active projects because of the slowness. So the sound advice is to use the backup routine in Scrivener to put zipped back-ups on cloud servers.

Then, I have MobileMe and DropBox, and importantly SpiderOak since I live in China and in their infinite whatever, the Chinese have blocked DropBox. I only use my MobileMe account for general archive purposes, since I have always found it very slow. DropBox and SpiderOak are generally faster and more reliable. Both DropBox and SpiderOak give you 2G of free space and you can purchase more if you wish.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for that.
I was trying to upload .scriv files (which had worked in the past??).
However, I think you are right regarding zipping the file first.
Thats is working fine, so I think I’ll stay with that!
I think I’ll take another good look at Dropbox also.

Thanks again for your help,


My pleasure.