Problem Using Undo

I locked up Scrivener this morning, though I’m not sure how. I’d been typing in a document for about an hour and had been adding and deleting text all along. I was working in the last paragraph of the document, going between adding, deleting, and undoing (I was having a lot of trouble with that paragraph). I did a series of cmd-Z’s to get back to where I"d been several additions and deletions before, and all of a sudden, cmd-Z stopped working. When I tried to type new text, I couldn’t, and I couldn’t delete existing text by pressing the delete key. I had to quit the program and come back into it before I could go on.

I think I may have hit a key combination that caused the problem in the midst of the undoing, but I don’t know what. What I do know is that part of the way back in the text, I found a series of characters I hadn’t typed knowingly. It was at least one “j”, followed by four or five k’s (all lower case letters).

I tried to duplicate the problem in another document and couldn’t. I doubt you’ll be able to track it down without knowing more, but I thought I’d mention it in case someone else managed to do the same thing.

Edit: I just went back to the document and found this string of characters: kkjjjkkkkk. I thought I had deleted the characters before I quit the last time, but must not have.


Did you do any editing in Edit Scrivenings at all? I recently found a bug which could mess up the undo stack there, which will be fixed for 1.04.


I wsan’t in edit scrivenings. I had a split widow, but I’d been in the same file the whole time. I did delete one large block of text early in the session - about 500-800 words, but that’s the only thing that seemed unusual. That wasn’t the part I was undoing, either - it happened some time back.


This is definitely an undo stack problem (or at least, it sounds like one), but without being able to reproduce it, it is next to impossible to track it and fix it, I’m afraid. If anyone can find exact steps to reproduce this bug, I would be very grateful.