problem video in scrivener (wondows)


First, I’m sorry, for my bad english.

I use scrivener for transcription conference.

In november, I try a MacBook Retina :slight_smile: and i haven’t got any problems with video in a view of scrivener.
With keyboard shortcuts, scrivener is brillant ! :smiley:
Then, with the Pc (windows xp), with the same project (continuation), no problems with video.

But now, for another project, the video can’t display in a view. I have juste the name of video’s file. If i click, an external editor is open. It’s very inconvenient.

Have you got any ideas about my problem ?


(in France)

Scrivener isn’t able to support all types of video files, so most likely the problem is simply that you’ve imported an unsupported type such as a QuickTime file. If you can, try converting it to the WMV format.

Thank you very much MM, it’s ok now with wmv files !

Before, i tried the MP4, flv and mov files, without success.

Kind regards,