Problem w/page numbers when compile

When I compile my novel into a Word document the page numbers in the header seem to treat my first chapter different from the rest of the document. Chapter one is numbered 1-15 and then Chapter two begins with with number 1 again. The remaining chapters fall in line, as if Chapter two is the first chapter.

I’ve tried just fixing this in the Word document but I can’t get anything to work. In Scrivener, everything I see appears to be formatted the same. I have the project, with individual folders for each chapter and then one page under each folder. I’ve even tried deleting the folder for the first chapter and then creating a new one, but it still won’t number correctly.

This has to go to my editor today. Please help!

If you compile to another format, even just a PDF as a test, does that have the same issue? (Trying to see if this is down to Scrivener’s compile or to Word’s reading of the file.)

In Word, you might be able to resolve this by tweaking the header or breaks.

Presumably Word sees a section break (rather than just a page break) at the end of the first chapter and then restarts the numbering at the beginning of the second chapter.


  1. Remove the section break at the end of the first chapter and replace it with a page break. (Viewing invisibles should help you to see what is going on.)

  2. Enter the header and tell section 2 to continue Section 1’s header (and not to have a separate header of its own).

If you have Pages and if Word isn’t behaving itself, you might be able to open the Word file in Pages and then adjust the breaks/headers as you need.

Hope you can get it to work.

Okay, I created it as a PDF and it does not have the same problem, so I guess it is something with Word.

I went ahead and tweaked the section breaks like you recommended, and finally got it to work. I deleted the page break that was there and created a new one, and for whatever reason the numbers are correct now.


So glad you got it to work as you wanted.

Good luck with the novel.