Problem with 2.5.3

I just opened scrivener on my laptop and it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to 1.5.3. I said yes. Little did I know.

I copied my project over from the desktop and opened it. The main text chunk (sorry, I forgot what all those things on the left are in whatever view I use are called and i’m too freaked to look it up and isn’t this what mouseovers are for anyway?) was empty. I copied a fresh copy over. Same problem. I was then very upset, expecting the last 4 hours work were gone. However, my project was fine on the desktop.

I tried copying over a new copy of the project, but when I opened it, a different part was missing.

How do I back out the last patch so that I can use my laptop without freaking out? The un-upgraded version on my desktop is fine.

The desktop is the worst place to store critical files.
If you do that over and over, pretty soon you have a confusing mess.
Instead, create a folder in Documents called Scrivener Projects.
Whenever you create a new project, Scrivener will ask for the path.
Use the Save As dialog window to navigate to Documents: Scrivener Projects.
Once you do that consistently, you’ll not have problems of this sort again.
If you have trouble remembering file locations, use Spotlight or Find.
And you can place icons of critical files on the Dock. (at the screen bottom)
One click, and they open.
(If this advice is not clear, you need to use the Apple tutorials)

Er, that was 1.5.3

What’s wrong with storing files on my desktop computer? I thought it was safer than on the laptop. I mean, the laptop gets carried around a lot, but the desktop is safe in the computer room. Well, you clearly know more than I do about computers. I don’t suppose you could tell me how to back out the 1.5.3 upgrade instead of being a remarkably silly pedant?

I think he meant the Desktop on your computer: the background that all the windows float over.

As far as backing out the change, the easiest way would be to revert to a backup from before the change. (If you don’t routinely take system backups, or at least run Time Machine, let this incident convince you to start.)

You could also look around on your disk for a Scrivener.dmg file, which would kick you back to whatever Scrivener version you originally installed. I don’t know what Scrivener does with the files it downloads to update itself, though, so I don’t know if there’s a way to get back to a specific version without trying to persuade Keith to give you a new, pre-1.5.3 dmg file.


In Apple parlance, the Desktop is the screen you see after booting up.
Your original description suggested that you were leaving files there,
Instead of placing them in folders.
Now I begin to grasp from your “freaked” account
That you are talking about moving files between computers.
You’re going to have to be clearer about the situation
And also change your tone if you expect better help.

I need you to stick with what you know while someone else tells me how to back out a problematic patch.

Hey people, it was clearly a misunderstanding.

Rather than there being something wrong with 1.5.3, perhaps something went wrong with the update process. I would try trashing Scrivener 1.5.3, redownloading Scrivener from the website, and installing it manually. See if that helps.


A couple of things:

  1. When you open the files on the desktop, how do they look there? It is possible that it was simply a copy and paste problem where not all files came across. Try zipping up the file before copying it (ctrl-click on it in the Finder and select “Compress…” or “Archive…” depending on your OS) then unzip it once it’s copied to the target machine.
  2. Try re-downloading a fresh copy of Scrivener from the product page and re-installing.

Let me know if either of the above helps or if you still have problems.
All the best,

Ok, since I downloaded a new copy of the application, new copies of projects open fine. Anything I opened with the borked version continues to have pieces missing; fortunately I only trashed some backups and copies rather than anything crucial.

The projects looked completely normal on the desktop, though I didn’t right-click on them to examine the contents.