Problem with a pasted table [Need a "Remove Table" command] [EDIT: Never mind]

In the process of assembling notes for book, I pasted a bunch of text that included a table into the Notes area of a character’s bio page. When I came back to that page and started scrolling down, I discovered that some of the the paragraphs were displayed, essentially, one character wide and smushed all the way to the right.

I tried like forever to fix that, then discovered the problem when I went to the RTF and discovered that the smushed text was a table.

I now want to de-table that text, just convert it all into consecutive paragraphs. But there’s no “Remove Table” command.

Could we have one please? I’m at a loss, even for a workaround. (I’d prefer not to edit RTF.)

EDIT: Never mind — found the command.


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