Problem with accented characters

My writing is mainly in Portuguese (also Galician, Spanish and romanic languages) and I use dead accents a lot to create accented characters: á. à, â, õ and so on. No problem in the past, but often, after the last update, unless I type the dead accent and the vowel very quicly one after the other, I can’t get the accented character I need (I get the accent and, afterwards, the vowel). Playing with the Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat controls in the system keyboard improves the situation but it’s inconvenient for other software. I am working under Mojave in an Intel Mac. Any suggestion?

Disclosure: I am an end user not a pro-user or programmer.

I don’t know what machine you are on or if you are keeping Mojave OS because it can also handle 32bit programs.
I am running Scrivener 3.3.1 on Ventura 13.3.1 - using my 2019 MacBook Air with an i5 1.1GHz Intel chip & 16gb ram.
I can’t seem to replicate that problem. But I do sympathize with accent marks being so difficult to use fluidly.
Based on my experiments with the afore mentioned Intel i5 MacBook Air and on my Mac Studio with an M1 Max Chip I notice that the studio lets me use easier hot key strokes than the intel Air but I can not replicate your problem.
So, the variable here seems to be either the Mojave OS or Scrivener version you are using now. Is it update 3.3.1? If so maybe you should post this in: The Crashers for Copies (or Even Cash) Thread.
My sample phrase was: ~ The façade of the café looks frêle.
Good Luck

I am using the last version of Scrivener. The problem is subtle but I am a heavy typist and then it’s unconfortable for me. What’s more: it doesn’t happen always. Then…

You can check the compatibility of Ventura and your machine here
If it’s on the list and you don’t need 32bit processing for compatibility try upgrading your OS.

My hardware is not compatible with Ventura, only Mojave or Catalina.

I don’t know how to revert to the older version of Scrivener but it’s probably do-able or use maybe Time Machine - You can pick applications only on TM.

You are right: I’ll atempt do install the previous version.

Try downloading it from here scroll down the page and pick the version that worked for you.
Maybe that link ^ will help.

Done. Thank you very much.

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