Problem with accents while typing

Accents doesn’t work well in version 2.5. Instead of something like “aá”, “a´a” is written in Scrivener when typing fast enough in the text window. I didn’t realize of this problem in previous versions, so I guess it didn’t exist since it’s a really annoying problem.

Writting in any other places, like the search box in Scrivener or other programs doesn’t show the problem. Also, pausing a bit before writting the character that should be accented works too. Is there any setting which could solve the problem?

In my testing this has less to do with the Scrivener version, but the operating system version (2.5 in 10.8 doesn’t reproduce it). Are you using 10.9?

There is indeed a workaround I’ve discovered for the 10.9 delay: disable “Suggest completions as you type” in the Corrections preference pane. You can still use completion with it disabled, it just won’t automatically pop up with suggestions, you’d need to use the Esc key, or Opt-Esc depending on your keyboard.

No, I’m using 10.8.5. However, disabling “Suggest completions as you type” did the trick. Thanks for your help .

Okay! Good to know. I couldn’t reproduce the problem with 10.8 at all, so perhaps there is some third condition that is required.