problem with annotation


I want to use annotations.
I just select it and type.

The text is displayed in grey with the circle but not in red as usual.
I don’t find a preference color for annotations so where is the problem ?


Hi Eric,

You can wake up this morning, then go to the “text menu”/fonts and color option and…
adjust the color as you like.


Erm … grey circled ones are footnotes (Cmd-shift-F), red circled ones are annotations (Cmd-shift-A). When you export, the grey ones can be set to export as footnotes or endnotes; the red ones remain as in-line annotations.



Yes it works !
Thank you Eric.
But the mystery remains the same.
Why my annotations where grey and not red by default ?

hum… a good logline for my next script.


The annotation colour is remembered between sessions. So if you changed the colour of one to grey, new ones will be grey. (And as someone else said, if it’s a grey background, then it’s a footnote, not an annotation.)

thank you Keith.
It was really annotation text insert, but I don’t know how I changed the color in another session before. May be with copy/paste in another project though it was not a desired change. That’s why I was surprised… It was easy to find the solution as ever with scrivener.

Hi Keith,

I had a similar problem yesterday. Annotations were marked in red as usual and then I did some changes with the colors of the Index Cards and in the Outliner and all of a sudden the annotations changed from red to blue when I placed the the cursor over them.
I then tried change it back to red which went ok but only one by one. Am I right in assuming that you can have different colors in different places? One annotation red and another one blue?


Yes, annotations can be coloured independently. If an annotation has the focus whilst you use the colour panel, the colour panel will change its colour.