Problem with auto correction

Can any one can help me with this problem. Every time I type “de Dios” the program type “De Dios”. Why this is happening.

I can’t explain, but that is why I always have autocorrection turned off… to me it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.



Check under Menu: Scrivener → Settings → Icon: Corrections → Section: Auto Correction (at top) and see how you have set “Fix Capitalization of sentances”. I have it checked “on” for me and Scrivener will nicely capitalize the first letter of the first sentence automatically for me. If unwanted for a particular word, I can move the cursor just to the right of the offending letter, backspace to remove it, and then enter the preferred lowercase character, then move cursor to right and all is well. At least that’s how it works here for me.

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The problem happens in the middle of a sentence.
For example: el favor De Dios, el pueblo De Dios. “De Dios” is the programs autocorrection. It supposed to be “de Dios”

Even when auto correction is off?

With auto correction ON. I will like to keep it On.

Sounds like the incorrect spelling is then in your macOS system dictionary. Offhand i do not remember how to edit the dictionary. Been a long time since I did that. probably can find instructions in Scrivener Manual or on internet via a search engine.

if that were the problem, I wouldn’t have it when I use Word?

Have no clue. check the dictionary anyway. And as a test, turn off auto correction to see impact of it being off.

I’d hazard a guess that the rule is being applied to assume ‘de’ is part of a surname found in various languages, like De Luca, De Santos, De Wet, where in the absence of a first name, the ‘de’ is capitalised, even though the context in your case has nothing to do with a surname but is specifically ‘of God’.

In S3 for Windows, we have Substitutions. Not sure if the Mac version is called the same, but that should resolve your dilemma with de Dios, while working in your editor. Replace De Dios with de Dios, unless Auto Correction takes priority over Substitutions. That’d be a bummer.

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If the preferred spelling added to dictionary that resolves it? (not on computer to test this for you)

Word is a universe unto itself; unlike Scrivener it doesn’t leverage Apple’s built in facilities, so is not a good contrary example. Try it in TextEdit to see if rthe same thing happens there.

The other thing to do, if you want to leave autocorrection on is, literally, as soon as it has changed, hit Cmd-Z, as that should revert the last change, i.e. the auto-miscorrection.