Problem with Auto Quit—Limits on # Minutes??

I finally decided to force Scrivener to quit if I left it running overnight.

I set “Quit after inactive” to 480 minutes (that is, eight hours).

Today, I noticed that Scrivener had quit unexpectedly, so I brought up the Preferences dialog and saw this:

So, somehow it got set to two minutes, a number I never would have chosen.

Is 480 too high?

Note that this morning I’d opened some backups because I’d inadvertently deleted a scene.

My guess is that the malfunction was a side-effect of the crash you experienced, rather than an invisible limit to integer ceiling that can be stored here. Preference file writes can sometimes be deferred while the software is running. Have you tried setting this value, and then restarting the software, to confirm that it sticks when doing so? 480 works fine for me, though obviously I haven’t tested it. :slight_smile:

I’ve done some experimenting, and I think I got it to not save a value I’ve entered, but I’m not sure of the steps I followed. I’m too busy with something else right now to track it down.

BTW, I didn’t experience a crash. Scrivener quit, but I think that was because the auto-quit time was set to two minutes. That is, I was doing something else and I noticed that Scrivener had quit.

Here’s one bug:

Set autoquit to one minute.
Close Scriv
Open Scriv
Set autoquit to 480 minutes
Close the preferences dialog
Open another app.
After 1 minute, Scriv will quit.
Open Scriv, and you’ll see that the autoquit time is set to 1 minute.

Apparently, it doesn’t save that preference until you close Scriv. I don’t know if that’s related to what I initially reported.

It even fails to record the change in other situations. Here’s a demo:

Try interacting with the interface after changing the value in the text field. Freeform entry fields like this will not record a change until the field is exited (and that doesn’t count an event that shuts down the software or the window the field is in). Try pressing the Tab key (if you have full keyboard access enabled), clicking on another pane, pressing Return, etc.

You can observe this effect in areas where settings would have an immediate impact on the UI. E.g., try Appearance: Main Editor: Left/Right margin. You can type in a number, but the change will not be recorded and update the UI until you tab out of the field or something.