problem with autonumbering into final draft

I just tried to use auto numbering, but at least in my test it doesn’t translate into final draft. This is a problem, as what you get is the “characters” used to stimulate the numbering in scrivener. You can remove them by using the replace all function with nothing entered into replace, and then have final draft enter their own numbering if you wish. It isn’t very labor intensive but it isn’t great. If you have any suggestions on this that would be great.

correction: when you use the compile script function it works fine. please ignore above. kris

a correction to my correction:

I’m afraid it doesn’t work. if you use autonumbering and go into fd 8, you will get the numbers. but they aren’t connected to fd 8 scenes number so you can’t change them using fd8 screen numbering function. So essentially auto numbering - if you are going to use final draft is problematic. I’d be happy to hear how I’m missing something, but that is what I’ve found.

Auto-numbering in Scrivener just gets replaced with real numbers during the compile process in Scrivener.

Could you tell me exactly what you are trying to achieve with auto-numbering in Final Draft, and which feature in Final Draft you want it to translate to? Thanks.

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