Problem with Blank Line Separators

I’m using Scrivener 3.0.2 on Mac OS 10.13.4, trying to compile for Kindle KF8/Mobi.
My text files are whole chapters, with blank lines for breaks in time. I’d like to replace those blank lines with a graphic separator, and am trying to do that in the compiler.
The graphic file is a .jpg in my Resources folder.
I edited the compile format for the Chapter section, and put <$img:Resources/Logo464x52.jpg> in the “Blank Line Separator” box. In the resulting output, I see this where the blank lines used to be:

OK, so I figured I messed up the graphic somehow, and took that out, and just tried simple characters. I put “QQQ” in the “Blank Line Separator” box. This time, I got:

What is the problem?

Where is your “Resources” folder, though? If it is in the same folder as the .scriv project, then it should work, like this:

/Path/My Scriv Project.scriv

If it’s somewhere else, that wouldn’t work.

Well, I had it in a folder inside Scrivener. So I just created a folder at the same place as my .scriv file, and it still didn’t work. Also, that wouldn’t explain why the text “QQQ” doesn’t work.

Trying with text-only separators (such as ###), I see the same issue when compiling to Kindle KF8 and ePub 3, but not with Kindle Mobi or ePub 2.

Mobi file in Kindle and underlying code.

KF8 file in Kindle and underlying code.

Thanks. I had misinterpreted the original post and thought snippets posted were from the HTML, not what was shown in the reader. I have now reproduced the bug and fixed it for 3.0.4.

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Wow! Thanks, Joro and KB!

OK, then a newbie question (my first novel): what am I losing by publishing to Amazon with epub 2 instead of epub3? or the older mobi? I understand that Amazon will convert my pub file to mobi if I go that route.

I don’t have anything unusual in the file. One graphic in the middle, and I was trying to have a small graphic separator between scenes.

The main issue with the older formats is that Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature can end up messing up the formatting, because the older formats use multiple CSS files and Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature has a bug whereby it just uses the first CSS file it finds rather than the one intended for the preview area. The newer formats use a single CSS file which avoids this issue. The newer formats are also to the latest specs, of course.