Problem with Compile Spacing

Re: Custom compile to .rtf

I have set for “empty line” between text files:

But get no space in output .rtf file:

Wonder how specific or broad scope of problem is.

I haven’t seen any other reports on this. What is your binder structure like? Are there documents between the two that are set not to compile, or that have no elements compiling? That might be affecting which separator is being used.

Sorry for delay, I neglected to check the notification box and didn’t see that you had responded.

I created a collection to rearrange the print sequence of text files in folder. I am compiling from that collection.

I hope that answers your question. (Right now I am manually inserting separators at the end of each text file. Not ideal!)

I will keep a closer eye out for replies.


Are you sure they’re all text documents?

You might try setting all separators to Empty Line. If that works, then one of the elements on your collection is not a text document.

Thanks r6d2!

I tried your suggestion to turn all separators to empty line and it did work, at least between files, which is the only condition my contents meet.

I was certain that all files are text files since I created them all as such. Can you tell by looking at the file icons what type of file they are?

Yes, the icons clearly show that most of your documents are folders (those with the blue folder icon). There are only two of the which are actually files (completely white icon). See the attached picture extracted from the manual.

But don’t worry, you can convert one type to the other without any undesirable side effects. Just select them on the binder (or on the collection), right click your mouse and click on Convert to File.

I suggest you to run through the Tutorial completely at least once if you haven’t already. It will explain all this and several other things that will ease your learning curve.

Binder icons.PNG

OK, it would appear you nailed it.

I did the tutorial once through but would seem I need to review it again. Will study up on elements associated with this matter.

Sorry for asking about something that has apparently already been explained.


Well, in my case I have it always available as a reference. It has proved to be useful indeed to review it several times.

Happy writing!