Problem with Compile v2.3.1 ?Hit by sandboxing


I’ve upgraded to 2.3.1 Mac App Store version.

Since the upgrade, I’ve noticed that my previous custom compile settings have disappeared. I then went on a hunt and found them in the correct directory, but re-installing from that directory gave an error. So I moved them out, and then re-installed.

I now get the “Compile format preset save failed. There was a problem saving the compile settings to disk”.

Here’s my console.

13/08/12 11:22:33.198 PM sandboxd: ([18593]) Scrivener(18593) deny file-read-xattr /Users/xx/Dropbox/Scrivener/CompileSettings
13/08/12 11:22:33.204 PM sandboxd: ([18593]) Scrivener(18593) deny file-read-data /Users/xx/Dropbox/Scrivener/CompileSettings
13/08/12 11:22:33.207 PM sandboxd: ([18593]) Scrivener(18593) deny file-read-data /Users/xx/Dropbox/Scrivener/CompileSettings

Previously, I used Dropbox to sync my compile settings and templates between computers. I guess this is not possible anymore.

Does anyone have a way I can do this again, without manually exporting and importing each time I change a compile plist file?

How are you doing this? Compile settings shouldn’t be saved in Dropbox anyway, because Scrivener expects them to be in application support - that is where it saves them. Have you been using some sort of alias trick to achieve this by any chance?

At any rates, if sandboxing is denying you access to write to a folder, grant Scrivener access to that folder using Scrivener > Authorize Directory Access…

All the best,

Yeah, I created a symbolic link. It worked really nicely too.

As much as I love Scrivener and the power behind Compile, I’ve always found that my custom settings need to be tweaked. I used symbolic links and Dropbox to sync my changes in my custom compile settings when I adjust them on different computers.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to recreate my dropbox link before giving it another go.