Problem with Compiling screenplay

I’m currently testing out Scrivener, and started writing a screenplay. I have the title page, and two scenes written out. When I try to Compile it to a Final Draft file, the new file has the wrong formatting. The title page is part of the rest of the file, instead of its own thing, and none of the screenplay format carries over.

Trying to Compile to PDF is better, but it doesn’t keep Character names and dialogue grouped together, so you get the Character name at the end of a page, then the dialogue on the next.

A Word document puts a page break after each scene, so you get half empty pages between scenes.

This can be a huge problem if I need to submit certain formats to contests or whatever. Specially the PDF, since you can’t fix it after the fact.

Is there any fix coming down the line? I like this program, but want it to be worth the cost of purchasing the complete program.