Problem with Corkboard

I have been trying since Thursday 7/25 to contact someone about my problems.

I can’t get a new Index card on my corkboard. It is set to double click on an empty space, which worked for a while, but now does not work.

I posted this on 7/25, but that post does not appear anywhere. I waited and then e-mailed tech support on 7/27/13 and they still have not answered.

I don’t want to bog down your system, but I can’t use the software at all because I can’t open a new chapter.

Sorry you’ve been running into a problem with the software. I see you say you wrote in on the 27th, which was a Saturday—we’re just a small outfit and we tend to take weekends off. This isn’t like Microsoft here with call centres all around the world. :slight_smile:

Firstly, double-clicking on the corkboard is only one of many ways to create new index cards. So even if that has malfunctioned, you shouldn’t be completely stuck. The Project menu contains menu commands for creating new documents and folders, the toolbar has a big green button for making new items, and below the Binder list itself there are dedicated buttons for making new items. In the Corkboard and Outliner’s footer bar, there are dedicate buttons for creating new items. Have you tried any of these, and are they working for you?

As for fixing the corkboard problem. I would try disabling the double-click option by setting it to viewing the parent instead. Try double-clicking and seeing if it works to do that. If it still isn’t responding to double-click, close and restart the software and try again. If it works, try switching the option back to creating a new card.

The “New Text” and “New Folder” options in the Project Pulldown menu are not operational. The New Item buttons beneath the text don’t work either. I don’t have a green button, at least it is not showing green. I have a circle with a plus sign in it, and that does not work either.

I was able to reset the double click option on the corkboard. I closed and re-opened and still nothing.


Should I download the update?


Absolutely, if your version is out of date that would be the first step to take. Although I do not recall a bug of this nature, it would be best to work from the latest version.

Another thing to try is to make a new blank project somewhere temporary (Desktop is fine) and run a quick test there to see if you can make a new text file in that project. That would help indicate if there is something wrong with the software everywhere, or if there is just something jammed up with this one project.

I downloaded the update and opened a new blank file. The blank file seems to be working find, I can open text documents and add index cards.

That sounds hopeful! Any luck with the existing project, or is it still showing the same issues? If it is still jammed up, what I would try is closing the project and going into the project folder using Windows Explorer. In the Settings folder, you’ll find a “ui.ini” file. This just stores the display settings for the project, such as which columns you have selected in the outliner, whether the window is split, how big it is, and that sort of thing. Move that out to the Desktop and reload the project. It’ll go back to a default look (but all of the data will still be there).

That worked. Do I have to put that file back?

If you could send us the INI file to our support e-mail ( AT literatureandlatte DOT com) we might be able to discover the source of the problem using it. It’s unlikely, but worth a shot. Otherwise it can just be discarded. You may have to reset a few project settings, but that is all.

I sent the file from my email- xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo :laughing:

Have fun.

Now I just have to figure out how the rest of the program works.


Liz Tully

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