Problem with cutting and pasting from webpages

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I select some text from a web page - say from

I paste it into a Scriv page, and this is the result:

This happens whenever I cut and paste text from webpages: the first letter of some lines is underlined and in blue, and much of the text. (The original, of course, is black and not underlined). And pictures are never copied properly. What should I expect here?

What Browser are you using? I tested using this Wikipedia page, and found that IE 10 had no problem with the text (including links and formatting), but didn’t copy and paste the image. When I tried with Opera 12, it only copied plain text (for which Opera is notorious), but pasted it into Scrivener just fine. However, when I used a plug-in in Opera that copies HTML, it produced just the result that you are seeing. More oddly still, however, it eventually converted on its own to something similar to the IE results.

At any rate, I suspect a browser issue. Have you tried using Scrivener’s Web page import? File > Import Web page; then choose an import type. You’ll need to experiment to see what suits your purposes best (and what actually works: I got Dynamic Web to import the Wikipedia page, but even it wouldn’t bring in the picture). Imports can take a minute or two to complete.

Simeva, thanks for bringing the topic up. This has been my experience forever, when pasting from Firefox. A test of Chrome shows the same behavior; a test of IE does not.

For a sample of the phenomenon, try copying and pasting a definition from .

A user can repair the effect somewhat in Scrivener’s editor by selecting all, cutting, and pasting again. (Ctrl-A Ctrl-X Ctrl-V).

Easy enough to have become second nature, which is why I never thought to report the anomaly.

I’m using Firefox 23.01. It does seem to work better with IE8. The text formatting is not corrupted, but the image is still missing.

The problem with Scriv’s web import, of course, is that it brings a whole page, not just the piece of text you want.

Any feedback from tech support on this?

  • is the Firefox cut and paste issue a known bug?

  • is the failure to cut and paste images from all browsers the expected behaviour, or is it a bug too?

  • is there a better way to transfer parts of webpages than a straight cut and paste? By ‘parts’ I mean chunks of text, rather than widgets, ads, counters and other detritus. Indeed it’s all this I am trying to avoid, and why I’m not keen on ‘Import/Web Page’.

Bringing in token images rather than original images is clearly an implementation rather than a bug. It’d be better if there were a size limit, because there’s no point displaying a huge and unwieldy token in lieu of a desired image.

As for the odd format effects when pasting from the web, I took a look at samples from when they’re pasted into an HTML editor, Kompozer. Every word in a definition is available as a link, but the site editors want only certain words formatted that way. So there’s all sorts of scripting action that is meaningless in Scrivener. Here’s the code around just two words found within an arbitrary definition. (The words “a” and “small” found in the definition of “passbook”.)

<span id="hotword" name="hotword" onmouseover="'#0055bb';'pointer'" onmouseout="'#333333';'default'" onclick="return hotwordOneClick(this);">a</span> <span id="hotword" name="hotword" onmouseover="'#0055bb';'pointer'" onmouseout="'#333333';'default'" onclick="return hotwordOneClick(this);">small</span>
The takeaway is that HTML on the web will be of arbitrary complexity, and that Scrivener’s own editor will strip out the extraneous matter if the user will just select all of whatever has been pasted, and copy and paste it a second time. The odd output we see initially is a consequence of odd input, and I don’t expect it to be fixed.

But setting a maximum size on tokens inserted in place of images would be a worthwhile improvement. And while I’d be interested in learning of an HTML scrubber that would strip some codes and tags out of clipboard HTML – and also copy HTML-formed text into a true HTML clipboard – Scrivener’s own editor does a pretty good job at the first of these tasks, if we simply cut and repaste.

I’m having the same problem as described in the original post. I"m using the latest version of Scrivener, latest version of Chrome (Version 32.0.1700.76 m) and Windows 8

This screenshot is the resut of coping from a web page and pasting into Scrivener. The image detals show the image as a .jpg in the web address. It appears the program is not going to the address to get the image. This is frustrating because it shows up fine when I past it into a World document.