Problem with document templates; regular not bold


I’m new to Scrivener and I have a small problem concerning document templates.
I started the Fiction-Novel-Project and want to work on the characters now. But I wanted to modify the ready-made „Character Sketch“-Templates a little. So I added a lot of points to it. But now comes the problem, when I want to fill out the template.
I create a new character sketch in the Character folder. I want to type in, for instance, the character’s profession. When I click the cursor behind the point „profession:“, everything I type in, gets bold, but I want it to be regular. Of course, I tried to change it to regular in the template, but it always jumps back to bold.
In the default „Character sketch“ template, every new point gets regular and begins after a tab space. I want it to be exactly like that in my modified version.

I thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,

I’ve just tried this and I can get it to work as you want it to, but for some reason, when you click to the right of the colon, you have to use the right arrow to go to the next tab space, not the tab key. Alternatively, just click well to the right of the colon and it will work as well.

Not sure why, but it seems to work…


I’m pretty sure what is happening is that you are starting out inside of the invisible RTF bold tags (or whatever they’re called in the appropriate lingo). If you hit tab while to the left of the end-bold tag, then you just extend the bold by a tab character.

To add your own lines to the document template that behave as you desire them to, do this:

Add the label, bolded as you like, with no characters (that includes tabs and spaces) to the right of the label. Click the bold button again to un-bold whatever you type next. Then add your tab character. If all went well, you can type something in there and it will not be bolded. The trick will be to always be to the right of the tab character, since if you start out in or next to the bolded area, characters you add (including new tab characters) will still be inside the bold area.

I’d like to thank you both a lot for your fast replies! (Sorry, that I didn’t answer earlier!!!)
I did, what robert suggested, and now it works - perfect! :smiley:
Thanks again for your kind help!