Problem with drag and drop function from inside to outside and from outside to inside

I’m noticing that the latest updates to Scrivener 3 don’t support drag and drop of files from inside to outside and outside to inside, especially useful when working with two screens. I have had to uninstall the latest updates, because I can’t work normally.

How is it possible that this could no longer be done? (a prohibition symbol appears). I can’t believe it, it’s desperate.

Tell me something, please.

Thanks and regards.

What version ?
What platform ? (Windows version.)
Please give as much details as possible.

Is it related to your dual monitors ? What if you try with a split screen ?

Are we talking text dragged between apps ? What other app ?

With version I can drag and drop without problems; but the later ones no longer let me do it (I see a little forbidden icon). I couldn’t update because of it (same problem on Windows 7 and 10).