Problem with Export and Compile

when using the ‘export’ function I previously had an error where my formatting became inconsistent. For example, it would start off indenting paragraphs, then it didn’t for the rest of the 10 pages, then all of a sudden there was one or two indentations at the very end, after 9 pages without them. That error was not repeated after a reboot.

Now I am getting an error where, after exporting chapter 6, at random, all the paragraphs become their own pages. Even “Yes, sir.” is now its own page… for about 53 pages it is like this. Then, once again, at random Everything is back to normal for the last couple of paragraphs in the chapter. exporting to any format resulted in the same thing… even after i re-wrote a portion of the affected text.

The problem does not occur in compile. (though I am not sure how to get chapter titles instead of # using compile, or how to change the font and font size through either compile or export, which I thought was something that the program could do. . . maybe I’m mistaken on that last part?)