Problem with first line indents in ebook

Hi, Scrivener folks!

I’m having an odd problem when I compile the epub version of my soon-to-be-published book. Although I compile with the Text Layout set on “Remove first line indents: from all paragraphs following other elements,” the resulting epub file has first line indents at both chapter and scene beginnings. Any thoughts about whether there is some other compile feature/function that may be overriding the “Remove first line indents” instruction? (I have custom separators, and have been wondering if somehow that is causing the problem?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Jackie H, writing as Bliss Bennet

Did you ever find the solution? I’m having the same problem (though I don’t have custom separators).

I believe that for an ebook you need to create and apply a style with a first line indent of 0 for your firsts paragraphs.

I’m not sure that this is THE solution, but it should work.

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It’s easier the other way round, apply an indent to all paragraphs following paragraphs (and nothing else):

p + p {
    text-indent: 2em;