Problem with french and Dragon Dictate

Hi everybody!

I writing in french langage and I’ve got a problem with the last version of Scrivener which I’m using most of the time dictating texts with Dragon for Mac. The words with accents are changing: être -> tre, où -> o, for instance. I tried to deactivate autocorrect: it worked for a while and it stopped working, and worked again when I stopped Dragons’ microphone and put it back to work. I don’t experience the same problem with other programs either in Scrivener while typing.

I’ve got another problem of the same kind with the iOS version (without using Dragon, only typing). For instance, when I try to write j’ai, Scrivener automatically changes the a to an à (with accent).

Do you have any clue of what the problem could be?

By the way, there are a few problems of french translation in the program: I can start a list for you if you wish.

All the best!