Problem with german language and Meta-Data

I’m using the new version 2.5 with the german translation. I run into a problem with the Meta Data. I’m using the method of having this data in the very first document of my projects. Usually I compile using “MultiMarkdown > LaTeX” with XSLT.

Unfortunately the document is no longer recognised as the one with the meta data. As a result its title is not removed from the MultiMarkdown and subsequently it doesn’t translate into LaTeX.

I tried to rename the document to “Metadaten” (the german translation), but this didn’t work either. Setting the language of Scrivener to English solves the problem.

This seems to be a bug in the new version.

Thanks for the bug report. I’ve just looked into this and it seems that the problem is that the translator translated “meta-data” (lowercase) as “Metadaten” (title-case), but Scrivener relies on a lowercase check (it converts the title to lowercase and checks to see if it is equal to “meta-data”). I’ve fixed this in the code so that from now on it will ensure the translated string is lowercase too, but in the meantime you can fix this yourself if you want. Here’s how:

  1. With Scrivener closed, Ctrl-click on and select “Show Package Contents”. This will expose the internal folder structure of the application.

  2. Drill down into the Contents/Resources/de.lproj folder.

  3. Locate “Localizable.strings” and open it in a text editor such as TextWrangler.

  4. Inside the file, search for this line:

/* No comment provided by engineer. */ "meta-data" = "Metadaten";

  1. Change “Metadaten” to “metadaten” and save the file.

Upon relaunching Scrivener, it should work fine.

Thanks and all the best,

The fix works fine on my side. Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: