Problem with horizontal split and pdf files

I don’t know if this one can be related with the mentioned “Known Bug” that is mentioned in the Sticky.

I was working with the split horizontal layout. Above I had a pdf file, below a text document where I write notes.

The note doc was finished and I forced save (I often do, just in case). Then I deleted the pdf file by drag & drop to the trash. Then I hit “empty trash”. Strangely the layout still showed the file trashed, even if it was gone from the trash. I tried to change the document on the above position and I could not. It froze there. I could not change the lower document either.

I tried to close Scrivener and nothing happened. I forced close (via Apple menu) and then reopened the project again. It reverted to a state before my last forced save… the pdf file was in research and the document in which I made the notes was empty. Basically, it was in that moment when I had just created the note document and hadn’t written anything yet.

Any clues on why this happens?

– MJ

Do you mean you still had the pdf file open in one of the splits when you deleted it?

Exactly so.

And it was still there after I emptied trash.

– MJ