Problem with images compiling to ePub

Hi, there

I sent a message a couple of weeks to tech support but don´t receive an answer yet.
I want to include images in my book, but every time I do it, the ePub has an error. I checked it on a web site validator of ePubs, and I discovered the file has something wrong. It says the image is missing in the OPF file. Please, see the screenshot and scroll down to see the important information.
My image is not 3,5 millions of pixel. I checked that with iTunes support, because they said could be on of the problems.
So, I´m lost here. Hope you can help me.

Looking the screenshot, there is something suspicious… My guess the reason can be the path. “imágenes” has a character not valid, and the path is “OPS/imágenes/portada.jpg”

It says to rename the imágenes name to remove the accented á. Can you not do that?

I don´t know how to do that! If I do, I would try, believe me! :smiley:

Ah :smiley:

Is it not taking the folder name from one of your Scrivener folders?

If not, I expect you could edit the folder’s name in Sigil.

Or, hopefully, someone will come up with a better idea for you.

I tried with Sigil, but I don´t see “imágenes” in any place.


That appears to be a folder inside the ePub itself, you do not see “imágenes” in the Sigil sidebar at all? I just double-checked, and Scrivener doesn’t localise internal ePub folder names. Are you opening this .epub file with anything other than Sigil?

AmberV, thanks for your reply. No, I only tried with Sigil and I don´t see “imágenes” in the sidebar neither on the HTML screen. In fact, I see “images” inside the manifesto.

Ah, my fault, I was testing Scrivener’s behaviour using the French interface instead of Spanish, now that I’ve done that, I can see it is indeed using a localised internal folder name.

Okay, that makes it relatively simple for you: use the General preference pane to force Scrivener to English, restart it, and compile again. Now you should get an ‘images’ folder. You’ll just have to remember to do that when you compile updates to ePub until we get that fixed.

It works!!
The ePub validator web says file is correct. Finally!!! Been with this bug for one year… I thought was a iTunes Producer bug.
Thanks, AmberV!


I have had the same problem and as soon as I got the error message from the Validator I realized what the problem was, and changed the interface to English. I then found this thread in the forum, and it matches the problem I had exactly. So I am not alone!

It is true that you can change to English, but anyway, the bug is still there. Well, not really a bug, is it; but I (humbly) think that the Scrivener team should change the Spanish translation so that internal ePub folders do not contain national characters. Maybe other languages too.

What really worries me is that this thread is already two years old, and the problem persists.

I love Scrivener, I really do, and I do not have a problem if I have to use it in English, but I know of other Spanish writers and Scrivener users who are not proficient in English and will sure have the same problem should they try to compile their books to ePub.

I hope this pledge reaches the wish list for a future version of Scrivener.

Happy writing!

I have already published it in the wishlist forum.

Happy writing!

Apologies, that one was fixed a long time ago and it looks like the problem crept back in. Should be easy enough to get it back to working again.