Problem with Index Cards and associated Synopses

I am using Scrivener for Windows - 31 Oct 2013

Index cards and synopsis text is the only issue I’m having. This arises whether I try to enter text in the Inspector, or into the card itself on the Corkboard.

I type in significant text. I see only one line of text in both areas. If I try to move the cursor to the right, it ends with the last word visible.

I’ve spent 7 hours trying unsuccessfully to resolve the problem. To say I’m frustrated is mild. :confused:

Next step is to completely uninstall Scrivener; clean the Registry; reinstall Scrivener; try to rebuild my WIP. I’m not overly confident I’ll gain from this, but…

Any suggestions?

Problem solved!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Makes a difference when brain is put in gear. :blush:

so what was the problem?