Problem with installer window

I have a new ASUS 303 laptop running Win 8.1, and cannot install Scrivener because the installer screens that open up during the installation process are too small so do not show all the text. I can go until the point where I have to tell the program where to install the program, but cannot get past that, and cannot read the address in the box. Nothing I do to enlarge the box works. Attached is a screenshot. If I click the “enlarge to full screen” button in the top right corner of the window it stays the same size but moves the installer window to the bottom right of the screen, but at the same small size.

I have shown this to my Dept. technician and to my University Help Desk, and they are stumped. I have tried with my old downloaded copy of Scrivener, and have downloaded the latest version. Other programs have been installed fine on this machine. BitRock Installer help suggests the screen size is set by the programmer (see … er-screens ]). This is a brand new laptop, just picked up Saturday. There may be some incompatible setting on my machine, but I cannot figure it out. Hope someone can help solve this puzzle.

This is to do with the screen resolution and text scaling. It looks like you’ve got a high-resolution monitor and have the text zoomed, which is making it too large for the installer. You can temporarily change it by going into the display settings from the Windows Control Panel and reducing the text scaling, then running the installer, and setting things back the way you had it afterward. You also should be able to click the folder icon in the installer window to choose your browser path that way, even though you can’t see the full text in the field.

Once Scrivener is installed, you may need to toy with the preference appearance settings a bit (in Tools > Options) or adjust the window layout to suit your screen resolution and scaling. While we are certainly planning to take Scrivener into the high-res future, with high quality icons and UI layouts designed to work with scalability, this work requires a lot of rebuilding of the application from scratch, so most of it will not appear until the next major revision of the software.

One of our support techs has done some experimentation with HiDPI displays to try and achieve workable results, and he offered some notes in this forum thread, as did some other users: