problem with inverted commas

I’m having this problem with scrivener for windows when i hit the inverted comma key it isn’t appearing, occasionally it will after i type any other letter, but not by itself. If I then hit the inverted comma key a second time, i get two inverted commas. In Word 2010, the inverted comma works fine. Have i got some scrivener setting working against me?
thanks in advance

What keyboard language and layout are you using while in Scrivener? (It’s possible to change this per program, so check while the focus is in the Scrivener window.) It sounds like you’ve got a setting where the ’ may be applied as an accent over the next typed character, so it doesn’t appear on its own until you confirm that you’re not trying to use it as a dead key. If you type 'o for instance, do you get ó?

yes that does happen. keyboard at the bottom of the windows screen says US. made sure it says US and not US international and now seems to be fine. Hope that is what you meant. thanks.

Yes, that’s exactly it. Ctrl+Shift is the standard shortcut to switch layouts, so you may have just hit it inadvertently in Scrivener when trying to type something else.

i thank you and the guy who was about to put his fist through the monitor if that thing did that thing one more time double thanks you.