Problem with KDP Print (replacement for createspace)

I have been trying for almost a week to get a new book published. With the new KDP Print interface I am getting no where fast. A bunch of fingerpointing has started saying that Scrivener is the problem and shouldnt be used for kdp/createspace.

That is rather amusing since I have used it for almost 4 years and never had a problem.

I am using the 2.x version of Scrivener because it worked and I didnt see a reason to upgrade. At this point, I am at a crossroads - is going to the 3.x version of scrivener the fix for this or should I be looking at another application/program ?

Could you please give more details? What is the exact issue? I assume you are uploading a PDF file - what are the errors you are receiving from KDP Print?

That is the problem. The only error I get is unable to process, Try uploading again. I have uploaded again with the same error. After I click on the preview button in the Kindle interface, it takes about an hour for me to get that minimal message.
Will try to get the exact message later today.

I had been holding off going to the latest version of Scrivener because what I had was working. At least until Amazon made the change and forced users to stop using Createspace and go to Kindle Print.

Here’s something to try - I have no idea if this will work but I have heard that some publishing services, and perhaps KDP, now require PDF files in the PDF-X format:

  1. After compiling, open the compiled PDF file in Preview.

  2. In Preview, go to File > Export…

  3. In the Export window, ensure “PDF” is chosen as the “Format” and then, next to “Quartz Filter”, choose “Create Generic PDFX-3 Document”.

  4. Click “Save” to export the PDF file, giving it a different name.

Now try submitting the PDF file you exported from Preview instead of the one generated directly from Scrivener. The exported file will now use the PDFX-3 format, which, as I say, is necessary for some publishing services.

Please let me know if this makes any difference or not.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks, will give this a try when I get home tonight.

Would upgrading to v3 of Scrivener help any ? I know that I need to upgrade, just been delaying getting it done.


If you have created a PDF file from Scrivener 2 that you are happy with (in how it looks), then Scrivener 3 won’t help on that score. For the next update of Scrivener 3 (Scrivener 3.1), I have added an option to create a PDFX-3 PDF, which does exactly what opening it in Preview and applying the Quartz filter does, so that won’t do anything more than what you’ll end up with if you follow the instructions in my previous post. (Did you get a chance to try it when you got home - I’m eager to know if that worked.)

In fact, I would strongly recommend against update to Scrivener 3 at this point in your project. Of course, I recommend that you do upgrade, as Scrivener 3 is much more modern and has many advantages over Scrivener 2, but one thing to bear in mind is that Compile has been redesigned, so you don’t want to be learning the new Compile while you’re finishing off and trying to submit a manuscript. So I would recommend publishing this book, and then upgrading afterwards, when you have time to read through the notes in the tutorial on the new Compile, or to look at the transition guide for those moving from Scrivener 2.

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Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the guidance and suggestion. Will try this again in a few days since I am travelling and dont have the files handy to work with.

I will upgrade to v3 once this part is complete.


I tried the suggestions you provided (thanks for that). Still not getting the pdf to be accepted to where I can see an online proof and getting the book to the point where I can order an author’s proof.

Attached is a screenshot of what I am seeing on the KDP site. Will appreciate any suggestions that you have as to how I can get past this. I am happy to provide the scrivener file if that will help in troubleshooting. I dont think I have done anything unusual that would cause the problem.

Thanks for a great product and helping me in getting this resolved.


Would it be possible to provide me with your Scrivener project? You can zip it up and send it to AT marked for my attention. If the file size is large, you can always send us a download link (e.g. a Dropbox link).

I’ve created a KDP account myself and tested out uploading a PDF file created in Scrivener and had no problems. Here’s what I did:

  1. I created a project based on the novel template.

  2. I entered lots of dummy text.

  3. I duplicated the “Paperback (5.06” x 7.81")" Compile format and changed the page size to 6" x 9".

  4. I generated the PDF and uploaded it to KDP.

It worked without any errors.

There must therefore be something in your project that is causing the problem. I have read that certain things can cause issues:

  1. Including any bookmarks. For this, be sure to turn off “Generate PDF Outline” in the “PDF Settings” area of your Compile format and you might also want to tick “Remove all hyperlinks”.

  2. Annotations and other PDF elements - I can’t think of anything in Scrivener that would create these, though.

EDIT: I have now managed to reproduce the error in KDP. When I created a PDF with “Generate PDF Outline” ticked, it uploaded fine but when I clicked to preview, it took over half an hour and then reported a problem with the interior. When I un-ticked this option again, I was able to upload and preview with no errors. So this is the first thing I would check.

Thanks and all the best,

Will give that a try and let you know.


Just as a follow-up, I was having exactly the same issue. When I tried to upload my Scrivener produced PDF, I received this error: “There was a problem processing your interior. Please check your file and try again.”

Making sure that “Generate PDF Outline” was NOT ticked in the PDF settings and then recompiling solved the problem.

Thanks to whoever said to try that. It not only saved me $150 because I didn’t need to pay someone else for formatting, but made it so I can release on my schedule.