Problem with layout function

I’m having a problem with the layout function.

According to the manual, a saved layout is supposed to preserve ‘corkboard/outliner/scrivenings/editor mode for each split’, however this is not happening for me. Scrivener randomly chooses a mode to present the selected file/s in. There seems to be no pattern: each time the same layout is selected a different mode will be used, and not necessarily the mode that was being used before the layout was selected.

As I have been experimenting with various random saved layouts, I notice Scrivener is now declining to remember the outliner columns as well (perhaps it’s getting annoyed with me!).

I have remembered to click the two boxes beneath the thumbnail and to click ‘use’, though I’m slightly confused as to whether ‘use’ means ‘use these settings’ or ‘save these settings’ or both? As the layout function is such a powerful tool, I would be really grateful for any help here.