Problem with Merge Function

I’ve just tried Merge for the first time. My documents merged just fine, but when I open them now, they seem to open in the middle of the document and I have to scroll up to the top. I checked to see if Typewriter Scrolling was on for this document but it was greyed out. I want to be able to merge more documents, but I definitely want to always see the top of them. Did I do something wrong when I merged the documents?

Thank you!

Scrivener remembers the last place you had your cursor in each and every document. This is stored as a piece of meta-data for that document, just as stable and persistent as the text within it or the name of the item in the Binder list.

But do note, that is cursor position, not scroll position. If you want to actually reset the file so it opens at the top next time, simply hit Cmd-UpArrow when you’re done with the document. That command moves the cursor to the very first letter of the document.

Thanks, Amber. I’ll try that!

That worked. Thanks!