Problem with Moving Documents up an down, using keystrokes

Hello and thanks in advance. …

My Draft folder has 3 documents, named 1chapter, 2chapter, 3chapter.

I want to change the order of these, and move 3chapter up from the bottom, so that it would be between positioned between 1chapter and 2 chapter.

I can use the Menu – Documents --> Move – UP
… that works fine.

But the shortcut keys are not working for me.
I first highlight 3chapter, and then press Shift-Command-UpArrow

Instead of moving the document up one, it selects the document above it, so that the result is that both documents are selected. But they have not changed positions.

Is this me (new to Scrivener) or is it a bug ?

Thanks again … RB

That is because the shortcut key is control-command-up, not shift-command-up. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right! … it works perfectly.

Thanks for the fast reply. … I am new to Scrivener (1 hour) and new to Apple Macs (1 day). I was looking for a tree-structure method to organize my notes. Scrivener is that, and so much more. …