Problem with multiple file for the same chapter

Somehow I have ended up with multiple files for the same chapters.

I am using scrivener for windows and also MS word with Grammarly.

Everything was going along fine then all of the sudden one day I realized that I had two files for each chapter. IE like 47.rtf then another 47(2).rtf.

On some of the files the first one os correct and others, the 2nd file is correct and I don’t have a clue what is being loaded into scrivener.

I did have an issue in MS word with a locked template file, but none of these chapter files were locked.

I thought that I had both programs open at the same time and that was what created the 2nd set of files but then I created a test novel with multiple chapters and have not been able to duplicate what generated the multiple files.

Can anybody help tell me how to avoid this in the future as don’t want to go this mess again.


Now the _(2).rtf files are gone.

Are those backups or temp files ?